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Las Naranjas Online

Rebajas en Las Naranjas Online

In Las Naranjas Online we have spent over 40 years in the cultivation and harvesting of the best orange of Valencia, in the region of Camp de Turia.

Through our website, we offer the possibility that you can buy oranges directly from the land and enjoy the best varieties for table or juice, and other citrus anywhere in the world.

After many years dedicated to the cultivation and care of the orange, we decided to launch this Project of home delivery to offer the chance to taste this fruit with all its flavor and properties. Our Valencian citrus fruit, as is well known, offer many beneficial properties for the body and can be enjoyed in several ways: in desserts, well-prepared dishes and, with oranges for juice, can enjoy a magnificent orange juice and no way comparable to those usually consume packaged.

Now, through our online sales service, we offer the possibility to buy oranges with a fast and secure access to this Valencian fruit. If you want to order online, and try and enjoy the unique flavor of the best orange of Valencia, we will be happy to make use of our service and make your order online. You can request your order online through our form quickly, easily and effectively.

Behind this project there is a team of experts: Durá family, for 5 generations dedicated to the cultivation of orange. It is our experience and our dedication to Valencian agriculture, we can ensure the best quality in our products, for table or juice.

Our Valencian oranges are a recognized product nationally and internationally for being a citrus full of flavor and with an unmistakable aroma: the Valencian lands of Camp de Turia.

We not only sell oranges. We take to home a piece of our passion and dedication, of our Valencian land and the best Mediterranean flavor.

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